Salzburg is often called "Rome of the north" and Salzburg certainly is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its historic old town.Salzburg’s magic was not only captured and documented by poets, men of letters, painters and musicians but also confirmed by UNESCO (5  km)
  Haus of Natur
The House of Nature, one of Europe´s leading museums offers fascinating exhibitions of the living and non-living nature (6 km).
  Hellbrunn Palace
An architectural jewel on the southern border of the Mozart city of Salzburg: Prince bishop Markus Sittikus has a summer residence built at the foot of the water-rich Hellbrunn mountain, Hellbrunn Palace, in 1615.
(1 km).
  Ice caves in Salzburg
The ice giant world in Werfen is the world’s biggest ice cave. Here you can discover the world’s mightiest ice figures in huge halls. In the light of historic carbide lights and magnesium light you can discover the ice palace, the castle of the ice giant, the veil of the ice queen and much more. Inside the cave the average temperature in the summer is 0° Celsius (38 km)
The Königssee is in the south-eastern part of Bavaria, south of Berchtesgaden. The eastern face of the famous Watzmann towers more than 1,800 m over the Königssee. The lake is in part up to 190 meters deep and covers the entire length of the valley with its 8 kilometres (21 km).
Kehlsteinhaus/ Eagle's Nest
A rewarding destination in Bavaria is the Kehlsteinhaus, also known as the Eagle’s Nest. The American Army named this striking building the Eagle’s Nest. The building has metre-thick walls on the Kehlstein on the Obersalzberg and is in one of the most impressive locations in the region.
Großgmain Open-air Museum
You can see unique examples of historic-rural building tradition in the largest museum in Salzburg. An exciting calendar of events with super offers for young and old ensure an immensely varied visit to the Open-air Museum in Salzburg.  (20 km)